Sep. 20, 2018

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Four brothers hunt for the killer and the truth behind their loving foster mother who was murdered in cold blood, .

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original title: Big B

genge: Action,Crime,Thriller

imdb: 7.5

duration: 2h 10min

tags: Heroes never choose destiny.... Destiny chooses them

keywords: underworld, fostermother, adoptedbrother, socialworker, killing, gangwar, corruptpolitician, adoption, characternameintitle







































When Mary John Kurishingal is murdered her four brothers try to unearth their mother's death which takes them to the depths of Kochi. ACP Balaji, a righteous cop is also investigating it. The brothers find out that the murder was a planned hit by underworld don Sayippu Tony and try to avenge their mothers death Four brothers hunt for the killer and the truth behind their loving foster mother who was murdered in cold blood, . Alright. First of all if you're always proud and only watch the 'award winning' Malayalam movies, then this is definitely not for you. Please stay away. There is no heart breaking background score, no eye-tearing sentiments, nor earth shattering dialogues. Instead it's brilliant camera work and moves, wonderful action sequences, superb editing - a total slo-mo technical perfection. The first in it's kind in Malayalam. Forget the simple story plot. Just sit and watch the show if you're an action lover. I enjoy this movie much much more than 'Four Brothers' the English inspired version. Mammootty is cool. The duet between Bala and Mamta is sweet to hear and well shot. The interval scene is excellent. The only thing I see missing a little is; Bala is a great fighter. The director should have given him couple of kick scenes! And Pasupathy's character little bit annoying at the first place. But these silly things won't affect the overall result. It's a visual treat. Being a great fan of director John Woo and his type of movies, I would call Amal Neerad the 'John Woo' of Malayalam Cinema!

Well done Amal! This movie is a good example of how malayalees have become great experts in remaking Hollywood block busters. You have to admit the director has taken great care to make it as close to the original (Four brothers). He has not missed any scenes from the original except added few songs and a fort kochi touch of gang warfare.

when i first saw it with my friends i just felt wow what a rip off. I mean this movie has been a no brain-er for the director just watch the original as many times as possible and just shoot it with local actors. what i liked about is the movie sticks on to the original script with not much of Malayalam deviation and mammoty play the tough guy role pretty well.

I have to admit the movie comes out pretty well in Malayalam considering the other tough crap movies around. The director has resisted the usual Malayalam style of casting and photography with something decent (of course he probably had to see four brothers more than anyone else to get things right) but you have to give it to him. Art direction also is good all kept pretty simple again i feel this is all to the fact that they had good look at the original and probably thought of it as a pilot movie.

For those Malayalam movie lovers who have not watched four brothers this movie would be perform well. The overall quality of the movie is great. Direction, casting, photography and sound track. Why cant we make just and good remakes like this of good Hollywood movies?

I would recommend this movie if you have not seen four brothers and want to see some tough action (of course this does not happen in fort kochi) and lots of no sentiments gun fights and fist fights in Malayalam.


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